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I suggest something like "midlife catastrophic event" or "self-inflicted, self-esteem buster." Ya know, something catchy like that. She isn't.) If you want that, I can steer you to some of my super-smart friends - just message me. I'm not sure how to meet anyone who could possibly have the basic criteria I'm looking for. (I can be raunchy when I get to know you, I'm not going to lie.

Let me preface this blog by saying that I am aware that there are bigger problems out there. I'm not intelligent enough to smartly debate the real world issues, like gay marriage or global warming or the political repercussions of Ashley Judd running for U. No, this blog post is to air my mid-life dating woes. But you don't know that yet, so try to be a freakin' gentleman.) 5) Keep the sexual innuendos to a minimum (think NONE) until I know you better.

It's peeking over the fence and wondering how green the grass would be if I would have been in my 18th year of marriage, raising kids and trying to find time to go out together and fighting over the bedcovers or the TV remote or something dealbreaking like that. How people find their soulmates in their 20's, when they are still evolving into adults, is beyond me. (Just because I text you "so I'll meet you in the bar?

It's constantly lamenting what could have been, and wondering what's wrong with me that I am seemingly in the minority of my mid-40 year old friends who have settled into their lives that I outwardly crave but am inwardly terrified of. Fast forward 20 some years and the odds of finding that better half decrease significantly, with obstacles like exes, kids, betrayal, miscommunications and other negative baggage.

I know many really smart people, including my son, who don’t have high degrees, and many people with a Ph.

Just like they should have another word for "boyfriend" once you reach the age of 30, they should have another word for "dating" when you hit 40 . Think about it.) 4) Keep the dirty jokes to a minimum until I know you better. There are more, which is probably why I'm still single.

” I want to know what they’ve tried and what their struggles are. I wanted to see how many struggled with the same issues. They want to be appreciated for more than their bodies.I had the average mortal checked off as a "no" at "hello." But more fundamentally speaking, how did a 40-something get that first date?At the bars, I had the pleasure of watching as a slew of women I was old enough to have birthed paraded before me. Well, some of them I knew but I guess I was hoping no one would notice. Funny part is, it makes me feel even worse when I can't even get someone to like me whom I don't even particularly like in the first place. I don't try to be intimidating, but I know I come off that way. I've learned a few things about myself since I've been dating.

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