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We will be looking at three of the most common types to see how each of them reacts to the sentence you will be using to stop a subtle or indirectly controlling in-law. The mother-in-law who just can’t resist telling you what you should do was probably frustrated because she believes her cookies are good, and you should want yours to be good too.

She knows she shouldn’t meddle, but she can’t help letting the comment slip out.

When you call her on it she will probably admit that you aren’t a bad cook.

When an in-law tries to get you to live life according to their beliefs, here is the unspoken but very important rule that they are breaking.

Here are a few of the temptations controlling in-laws find so hard to resist: 1. Some in-laws control indirectly and some do it in very obvious ways.

But there is one thing that all controlling in-laws have in common.

The technique you will be using to stop controlling behavior is from the Nicola Method, a series of techniques developed to give you language that takes you behind other peoples’ defenses.

The sentences provided here are ones developed for use with controlling people.

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