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To solve these mysteries and dispel the rumors, we contacted the most reliable sources available—the dealers who sold him his equipment, the engineers and producers who worked with him in the studio and the technicians who looked after his gear on the road.Cobain probably would have laughed at the idea of a magazine scrutinizing the minute details of his gear.When he finally made it back to the rehearsal space a few months later, he found his guitar in pieces.He salvaged the neck, hardware and electronics and made a new body for the guitar in wood shop, but Cobain lacked the skills to make the restored instrument intonate properly.“I’ve never considered musical equipment very sacred,” he once said.

The irony is that Cobain became one of the most widely emulated guitarists of the Nineties.In early 1985, Cobain moved in with his natural father who discouraged his son’s musical pursuits and convinced him to pawn his guitar.After about a week, Cobain got his guitar out of hock and moved out.Later he acquired a replacement, but details about the guitar are unknown.When Cobain was 17, his mother married Pat O’Connor, whose ensuing infidelity led to a situation that greatly facilitated Cobain’s acquisition of musical gear.

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