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The primitive (yet optimistic, prim and proper) residents immediately attack Batman and co.and Batman ultimately surrenders to Deathstroke when the latter threatens to kill Nightwing and Batgirl.Batman gives the viewer a brief reminiscent of his early days as a crime fighter, his time with Robin, how he became Nightwing and how a new Robin came to be.In the present day, Batman and Robin begin chasing after Penguin and Harley Quinn and succeed in entrapping Penguin in a magnetic cage.

Unfortunately, this allows Joker to trick Superman into freeing Harley Quinn, Penguin, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow from Arkham.Back in Gotham City, Robin is able to save the captive Justice League members and they shake of the pheromones.Robin and the Justice League then leave the amusement park, causing the villains to believe that Gotham City is now defenseless and theirs for the taking.Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum, Joker uses a spoon (which he drew a face on and calls "Spoony") to dig himself out of his cell.Elsewhere, Batman easily figures out Nightwing and Batgirl's vacation plans for him, to take him down Memory Lane by having him visit the dojo of his former martial arts sensei Madame Mantis.

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Superman apologizes for ignoring Robin's warnings and Robin teaches the Justice League the skills they need to defeat the villains.

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