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We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. EIU'a Musical union, 248.— Jnllien in Dublin, 250.— Music at Manchester, 261.— Dr. 256.— Tkunburin I, 262.— Music at Manchester, 262.— Music at Coven Uy, 969.— Madame Bishop In Dublin, 278.— Mendelssohn and the Philharmonic, 279.— Letten upon Musical Art, 283.— Jenny Und and Mr. Bunn and Drury Lane, 288.— Glasgow Musical Festival, 288.— Bfadame Bishop in Dublin, 297.— Undadi Chamoual In Dublin, 815.— Jenny Und and Mr. The workmen to him appeared to stop away too late — the labour pieaoribed for the day seemed insufficient to meet his wishes, tie asked after several workiben \ they were engaged, and at their posts Im the course of the day.Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. JOSH Naomlmrff Fellowship ' :'\^ Digitized by Vrr OOQl C INDEX TO VOL. Bano, 826.— Memoir of Mademoise De Alboni, 326.— Vieuxtemps* new Concerto, 327.— Boucher and Beethoven, 827.— Star UIng Information, 829.— Queen's Bench. 830.— Music at Bermuda, 343.— Mademoiselle Denain, 346.— Music in Dublin, 347.— Qriai's Norma, 374.— -Music in Dublin, 377.— Music in Uverpool, 375. But even these are for him not sufficient to carry out his plans with rapidity. Madame Bishop was engaged at a large sum, but the crowded state of the room proved that the managers of the concert did not reckon without their host procuring the assistance of England's greatest singer and greatest artist. If Jenny Lind be desirous of Engli^ public that it is not a flnf^ictal fejeling^ which, keeps her from fp Ifil Uag her first signed contract with Drury-lane Theatre, but that it really arises from her incdmpeteccy to a Cqun^ the' Baglish language, there is a mode of testing her sincerity whkh wefeial sure the Drury-lane lessee would he too glad to adopt. The names of the two artists who havtf signed the document afford no room to doubt of its authefnticity.' A» "Jdstioe io'all parties" ia out motto, we feel it our dtity to give fhe letter fromvthe Pwif and allow our readers to judge for themselves between the contending parties, as to 'which is eensurltble, and wfaidi is rigiit. The fact alone of Madame Bishop's services being ob Uined, speaks loudly in favour of the enterprising spirit of the establishment. Manvers, l Oberoi^ -Raeitatlve, Al liempld move, V Madame Anno Bishop, Catatina, Ah, qtiando f but it ia also on record, that the public resented such flagnat dishonesty. delighted to hear ienny Lind in London, but we do not believe that from her own sense of honour* as well as (rom prudential considerations, she will venture here whilst two contracts are in force against her. While the Moiming Chtoniele asserts that the entire members of the orchestra, with two or three exceptions, have passed over to the Royal Italian Opera at Covent Garden, the Post prjduces a document which contradicts the statement, and, as far as we can see, leaves the writer in the Chronicle no justification for its assertion.

Before making any further remarks, we shall append the programme, which ran as fo Qowa:-^ PAKT I. Luiriley as punctual and as honbrable'in'all Ms dealibga towards us, as his predecessors weren-regular,oarselves and twenty' two* others of our collfa^es have never contesaplatedi leaving the theatre, and on no accouotoouldwe ever have thought of engaging in a hostile establishment whilst still in hivservice' In this feeling we are happy to find ourselves associated with so many artists in other departments of the Institution of the highest character and fame. One may easily imagine what deep considerations were,, to persons of limited revenues, the offer of increased pay, with th« prospect of less laboqr (the suppression of ballet bring promised}^ and, still more, the fear thtft po artist not engaging with the hostile, party would be employed as heretofore at the Philharmonic and Ancient Concerts. ;r " We remain, Slr» *' Tour most obedient servants, "' A. It is our opioion that the writer in the CAronte Je coins 4 great many of the ronsical features of that journal oat of his own brain, that he prefers being severe to being logical, and that he would rather be reprehended for hia want of trtitb, than not be praised for tlte discovery of something strange or aew, whier of the orchestra was ever paid less than in former years, and in numerous instances their salaries were increased* whilst under the precet^ direc- tion the disturbances arising from notn^paymeat ' were of the most derogatory andpainfol nature. Tm additional attendance for the peiformaoce of the Stalbat Mater was paid to all who applied^ me the accounts will ahow, although against the tenoor of the. 1 challenge the proof of any artist employed in any depmtaient daring the five years of Mr. Tlie Chronicle^ in another tone, declares that the letter of Mr.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. 433.— Piscatory Muaic, 438.— Uigh Hunt, 445— Music at Man- chester, 455.— Yankee Criticisms again, 455.— Jenny Und not at Worcester, 458.— Jenny Lind at Uverpool and Birmingham, 458.— An Analysis of the Human Voice, 459.— Mr. 669.— Jenny Und, 570.— The Gloucester Festival, 573.— Judges' Chambers, 574.— Her Mijesty's Theatre, 586.-^enny Lind, 586.— Giorgio Ronconi, 587.— Music at Margate, 589.— An Analysis of the Human Voicep 590.— Pauline Garcia, 596.— Fanny Elssler and the Pope, 598.— Jules Perrot, 598. The Captain obeerves these impulses of passion, and wishes to prevent unhappy consequences* The plana, which are now carried out, ^^thout regard to moderation, and with a one Ksided impulse he had made on the supposition that all would live quietly and on friendly terms together.Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. — Jenny Und, 601.— An Analysis of the Human Voice, 603.— The Glou- cester Musical Festival, 614.— Jenny Und, 618.— Ldgh Hunt, 620.— Her Majesty's Theatre. He had effected the sale of the fitrm, the first payment had been made, and Charlotte, as had been arranged, had placed th« money in her fund. 32,— Fe Uz Godtfroid, 82— Memoir of Paleatrina, 47.— Madame Bishop the ]hrovincea, 48.— Music at Manchester, 49.— The Rival in '^•*n Op«'». Harmonisers, 52.— The new Theatre in Leicester .square. " Would it were some other document P' he says to limself ; and yet it is the most beautiful ' assurance that his highest wish is fulfilled.Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 718 — Operetic Sketches, Grisi, 723^— A Religious Festival at Bologna, 726.— Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 732.— Rttlea for Composition, 736.— Worcester Musical Festival, 737. Charlotte keeps Ottilia close to her, watches her more narrowly, and the more sne has become acquainted witti her own heart, the more can she penetrate into the heart of the young girl. It seems to her a providential pieoo of cood fortune that her daughter, Luciana, basso muohdistinguished herself at the school ; for her great auiit, informed of the circumstance, is anxious to take her to herself, and introduce her to the World.

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