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The study reinforces the findings of previous research by Dr Alexander involving green vervet monkeys.Male monkeys spent more time playing with traditional male toys such as a car and a ball than did female monkeys.Could America's most famous bastion of hard-core Christian fundamentalism and pugnacious political conservatism be getting a little . Bob Jones, the hellfire-and-brimstone evangelist who founded the nondenominational Protestant school in 1927, railed against the Catholic Church, which stands, he said, "for ignorance and superstition and the slavery of the human soul." Bob Jones Jr. Bush -- while hurling thunderbolts of quotable vitriol at apostates, back-sliders and liberals. For eight decades, BJU has been led by three generations of Bob Joneses -- preachers who pioneered a combative and highly political form of fundamentalism that gave rise to the "Christian Right." The Joneses became famous touting politicians they liked -- George Wallace, Barry Goldwater, George W. In 2000, Bob Jones III, president of the university and grandson of the Founder, announced on "Larry King Live" that the school was ending its ban on interracial dating, long defended because "God has separated people for His own purpose." In 2003, the school ended the practice of ringing the dorm bells at a.m. Last year, the university applied for (and received) accreditation, a process it had always avoided because, as Bob Jones III once said, "accrediting associations will not approve our educational process if it does not include the worship of their gods." And on Saturday, for the first time in its 78-year history, Bob Jones University will inaugurate a president not named Bob Jones.Boys are genetically programmed to prefer Bob the Builder to Barbie dolls, say scientists. study looked at babies aged three to eight months - before they can identify even the gender of other people.Tests involving children as young as three months suggest biological differences and not social pressures dictate which toys children like to play with. Researchers placed a doll and truck inside a puppet-theatre style box and showed them to 30 children - 17 boys and 13 girls - for two ten-second intervals.

Both male and female monkeys spent about the same amount of time with 'gender neutral' toys such as a picture book and a stuffed frog.

In 1988 or so, there was a change to only one family-style meal a week: noon on Sunday.

Now, due to financial issues, time restraints, and seating capacity, even the Sunday noon meal is buffet or cafeteria-style.

For instance, you can’t listen to any of that awful, secular How about movies? Only if a faculty or staff member is there to hold your hand as you go through the “objectionable elements.”So you can’t play Rock Band in your dorm room. I’m gonna skip all the dress code and discipline stuff and go down to the most interesting bit: The “Don’t Ever Badmouth Us in Public” policy: Gotta how how they preface that with the line about honor and wisdom, as if you expressing your natural frustration with school on Facebook means you are automatically dishonorable or lacking wisdom.

You think it’s just the rated-R movies that aren’t allowed?

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