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You remain legally married, but intend to live separately from each other.Since you are no longer living together, you may ask the court to enter an order establishing custody, visitation, child support, property division, debt payment, and other issues.Once you've joined, you'll be able to: Ask questions of caregivers who have been in your shoes before. A marriage may only be terminated through the Courts.If you do not agree on your own, Utah law requires you to go through the mediation process before you may go to trial.This requirement may be waived, however, for good cause such as having had domestic violence in the relationship.

In most cases, you must prove that your spouse intentionally withheld information or told you a lie to induce you to marry, and that had you known the truth, you would never have married.

While the courts will usually not prevent you from moving, they will take a move into consideration when determining where the children should reside, etc.

There can be consequences to the person moving children in that transportation costs will go up and the one moving usually has to pay them..

Some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce are: Expand All | Collapse All There is no way to prevent a divorce in Utah if one spouse wants it even if the other doesn’t.

A legal separation, called separate maintenance in Utah, does not end your marriage.

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You or your spouse will have to reside in the county that you want to file in for at least three months before you file.

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