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I'm sure you can but pof is probably not the best place to meet girls to take srsly.

Good job with overcoming your divorce and self esteem issues, but if you're a better person now, why are you dating 6/10's from pof? What exactly are you talking about that leads to them confessing they have STI's and love BBC? To my defense statiscally black guys do the worst on thoes dating sites.

funnily enough, all the women you are meeting are through online dating sites.Labeling ALL women over 30 who are single as nuts, is not right because it's not really true. Labeling ALL women over 30 who are single as nuts, is not right because it's not really true. to avoid other people thinking/saying: "What's wrong with that girl? " If it wasn't expected that women should be married, guaranteed we would have much fewer divorces and alimony horror stories.In general, both sexes would probably be a lot happier than they are now.I am increasingly becoming disgusted with female nature and it's really destroying my desire to ever be married.About 6 months ago I came to a mutual agreement to end a 4yr relationship with my then girlfriend.

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FYI: the sooner you realize most people are looking to better their life (hence going for a more attractive/wealthy mate) the sooner you'll understand life. IF you take them out, it should be somewhere they can't run up the bill. Also, of course 6/10 are pursuing you, go after some 10s, work a little!

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