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One of the slain women apparently was in the early thirties, with dark hair.

Her face had been beaten in and was unrecognizable.

In one of the trunks was found a picture of an attractive brunette girl with "Hedvig Samuelson, Lands, N. A diploma bearing the same name and issued July 24, 1925, from the North Dakota state normal college at Minot, N.

D., also was found.__________WORKER IN PHOENIX CLINIC IS MISSINGPHOENIX, Ariz., Oct.

Miss Hedvig Samuelson, who maintained her home with Mrs.

For the first time in the history of the country moving pictures were taken of the event. She avoided making direct answers to any questions put to her, but repeated that she would walk to the gallows without assistance provided some one went with her. Grimm, owner of the apartment, who told the Associated Press he took the trunks to the Phoenix railroad station for shipment to Los Angeles, said he carried the occupants of the apartment on his books only as "Dr. Judd." He had been told they were employed at Grunow Clinic. Grimm and his young son loaded the trunks on the Grimm automobile.A woman called at the baggage room at noon today to claim the trunks, but employes had become suspicious because of a strong odor and refused to yield them.The man and woman walked away, and it was several hours before the trunks were open.If the Earps, Clantons and their respective companions had stopped there, Tombstone might not be a tourist site and dozens of movies and books would not exist. The streets immediately filled with resolute citizens, many of whom were armed with rifles and pistols. Slipher said, was not made until "we were absolutely sure of it."The Steward observatory, at the University of Arizona, was notified yesterday of the discovery of the new planet, the notification coming from Harvard observatory, after that institution had been told of the find by the Lowell astronomers, it was stated last night by Dr. Carpenter, assistant professor of astronomy at the university here. Mathis, Tucson rancher, paid the extreme penalty on the gallows this morning. As it fell, her head remained above the trap, while her body, completely severed, dropped below into a pool of blood.Here is the story of the "sanguinary shooting affray" that ran in the Arizona Weekly Star, October 27, 1881:(Special Dispatch to the Star.)TOMBSTONE, October 26.—A sanguinary shooting affray occurred on Fremont Street this afternoon. Earp arrested one of them for disorderly conduct, and was fined and disarmed, in the Justice’s Court. The Sheriff and Marshal Earp and his brother, Morgan, tried to induce them to leave town, but they were thirsty for gore, and refused to be pacified. There is great excitement but no further trouble is anticipated. Morgan Earp, after being wounded and fallen struggled to his feet and continued the fight till he emptied his revolver. Citizens are armed and determined to put down the riotous element at all hazards. In explanation of the position of the new planet, he stated that it was approximately 10 degrees south of Castor, and was very close to the third brightest star in the constellation Gemini, or the Twins. Two minutes later the room which had contained 60 witnesses was empty.

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