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The diversity of backgrounds, desires, and existences renewed itself through community and leisure.The regional character—a “weirdness” based on interest in what one did—was less of an affectation than in Austin, not so much a next-level normativity as in Portland.He crunches the numbers: in 2010, there were 119 single dudes for every 100 single women — not a ratio, though not, if you are a single gentleman looking for love, a particularly promising one.Since then, though, Amazon has gone on a global hiring spree, adding 15,026 new employees to their Seattle staff in the last four years.That wouldn’t inherently be a problem, except for this: based on’s estimates, 75 percent of those new employees are male. If straight dudes need a reason (besides all the other reasons) to support women in STEM fields, here is that reason. If you’re a single woman in Seattle, for example, the odds are forever in your favor. And so Reifman pleads, if you are a “straight single woman outside of Seattle, this might be a great time to move here. That means the real 2014 gender breakdown of Seattle? Seriously, please move here.” Don’t even worry about a job. recent news around Amazon has focused on the company as a workplace.Much of it has been unflattering, all of it is accurate. My city was a gentle, easygoing place, a salad of cultural influences: citizens of the outdoors, of grunge and high art, with a dash of software among its bluebloods.

Is it any wonder that Seattle has seen continued growth and that major companies continue to hire here on a regular basis?

Some friends and I recently searched for a house in Fremont and Wallingford.

A year ago, per-capita rents for 4-bedroom houses in those neighborhoods ran as little as 0 a month.

A friend observed that the problem is exacerbated by tech workers “thinking of themselves as a force for good.” The tragedy, as always with corporate life, is that the transplants really are bright people, the .

But, by and large, it’s hard to imagine a group of geniuses less interesting, artistic, or culturally engaged, because they flock from across the globe to work for Amazon.

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Now, it is impossible to find anything for less than $800 a month. The application process for decent housing is now more selective than Harvard. Across Seattle, rents have increased by double-digit figures in the last six months. Newcomers with little time or familiarity fare badly. The recent article reports that Amazon’s company motto is “I’m peculiar,” with its grimly funny echo of the old South’s name for slavery.

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  1. How can you be certain you’re getting the lowest quote? While reporting this piece I spoke to several software engineers, executives of hotel chains, as well as academics and researchers who have spent a considerable amount of time and effort digging into the issue.