Updating cache directory

The user is given the option to overwrite such files.

All files are added to the original game data directory.

This section will not only discuss the technical details and challenges of this approach, but also its advantages and disadvantages.

It will be discussed for Skyrim but is valid for all four supported games.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and problems may arise.

The VFS is constructed using a technique called hooking.

Hooking is not an uncommon technique and progams like SKSE, ENB, Sweet FX and ENBBoost use it.

Hence plugins like ENB and SKSE cannot be installed by them.

Typical mod managers like NMM and WB install mods into the data directory of the game being modded.

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Users interested in the technical details of 'hooking' are encouraged to read the section 'Easy Hook and 64-bit support' below.

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