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After dinner he decided to take Kippers for a walk around the block a few times rather than just letting him into the yard.

Perhaps he would get a glimpse of the new neighbors if they had arrived yet.

Sabrina-Outfits, Sabrina-Bathroom, Angel-Books, Angel-Pictures. There was a basket of clothes too, the top was covered in a towel, but he could see glimpses of silky things, and lacy things, and prettily colored fabric.

He wished he could be guaranteed a few seconds alone, but knew if he touched the basket that would be the moment someone would walk out and he would meet his new neighbors with his hand in the cookie jar.

Still, better safe than sorry and he felt he had a pretty good handle on who this girl was already.

He quickly walked to the end of the block, crossed the street and came back down his street from the opposite side of the road.

Kippers finished his business and was pulling him away from the Mustang.

He walked his dog down toward the street to peruse the Fiesta a moment, while Kippers dutifully pulled him right to it so he could eagerly sniff around its tires to see where else it had been.

She wore numerous gold and silver circlets around her wrists and neck that jiggled lightly as she bounced her way to the car.A stunningly beautiful woman ran out from the house to the Mustang to grab a basket of clothes.Her hair was long to her thighs and a brilliant yellow that seemed to emanate light more than catch it.There was a plethora of dangling knick-knacks hanging from the mirror that ranged from crystals to dead flowers.There were pictures of friends thumb-tacked to the ceiling and writing on almost every surface that looked like it had been done with a set of paint pens.

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  1. In places like the Netherlands and Germany, people can be very direct in the way they speak (rather than being over polite and saying things ‘to be nice' that they don't mean to avoid hurting someone's feelings – as is often the way in the UK).