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That is completely false.” There is no evidence, Finkel said, that dating sites do anything much more than increase the pool of potential partners, and with that the odds of finding a match.

“No one was interested in working with us,” said Finkel.The problem is that compatibility can’t be theoretically calculated, at least not based on what scientists know now.In fact, research has found both similarity and complementarity have little impact on relationship quality at all.Sites such as e Harmony and, Finkel said, are the worst offenders because they specifically claim to use science — in this case, personality tests — to help daters find their mate.“EHarmony is making claims that their algorithm can find your soul mate, and there is little scientific reason to believe that’s true.” (And, if their algorithm is so perfect, he added, why introduce personalized matchmaking services, as the company did in 2013 with e H .) Some disagreement Christian Rudder, a founder of Ok Cupid and the site’s resident data geek, quibbles with Finkel’s characterization of most dating sites. I don’t know how those dates go.” (His site goes a step further, however, advertising its “matching algorithm helps you find the right people.”) Finkel and his colleagues’ point is that there is no evidence any algorithm can pair you with a partner who is anything more than marginally better than a random pairing.

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