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In the meantime Forward in Faith UK has set up a "Friends of the Ordinariate" group to help to gauge the level of support for conversion among rank-and-file worshippers.If they decide to take the path to Rome, Britain will see unprecedented numbers of conversions, possibly involving in the region of 200 Anglican congregations, which would amount to thousands of converts.John Broadhurst, the Anglican Bishop of Fulham and chairman of Forward in Faith, said mass conversion was a real prospect."We have a thousand priest members in my organisation and there are many others who agree with us," he said last year.The 63-year-old was received into the Catholic Church in January and is now a regular worshipper at St George's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Southwark, following a move to London.

The decision was taken by the House of Bishops of the ACA during a meeting in Orlando, Florida, earlier this week.Pornography has become pervasive in our culture - a true plague, infecting nearly every corner of our society.Its disastrous effects are seen in sexual addiction, ruined marriages, and shattered lives.He shows us how we can join our sufferings with those of Jesus on the cross, bringing renewed meaning to the suffering we experience in our lives. What role does the Church expect ordinary Catholics to play in spreading the Catholic Faith? Scott Hahn, author and renowned theologian, challenges cradle Catholics to witness to the Faith through everyday life.He presents proven and effective ways to touch those who have fallen away from the Church, even those with the most hardened of hearts. Scott Hahn presents the historical and biblical origins of the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation).

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The first was the Australian branch of Forward in Faith, a traditionalist group in communion with the Church of England and other mainstream Anglican churches, which last month directed its governing council to take the first steps needed for the mass conversion of 16 parishes to Catholicism.

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