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(I would not advise watching movies today this way because the screens are so small and the Eastman color prints so grainy).

I enjoyed movies that were made solely for entertainment and disliked 'message' films that preached to you.

Interview Date: 9 November 2000 I see that you have written and directed three films, worked as an editor on several, and written a book on Technicolor which seems to be well taken (though I have not had the pleasure of reading it).My latest film, "Unsavory Characters", is a homage to the 'film noir' movies I saw on television and in revival theaters in the seventies.Quite frankly, I enjoy the autonomy of independent film-making.When did you begin getting into movies and was the lower budget genre your interest or just the way things turned out? "Unsavory Characters" (2000); "Run for Cover in 3-D" (1995); "Head Games" (1993); "Space Avenger" (1991); "The Class of Nuke 'Em High" (1986) and "Splatter University" (1983).Aside from editing my own features, I cut the following Troma pictures, "Stuck on You" (co-edited) (1982); "The First Turn On" (1983) and "The Toxic Avenger" (1985).

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