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The PPCA cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of any information contained within the paper or abstract and any opinion expressed therein is that of the author not the PPCA PPCA is a global association dedicated to the ongoing creation and distribution of technical and application information on plastic pipes system in order to educate and expand their safe, cost effective and sustainable use.

The DSC appears to be an appropriate method at a reasonable cost to assess a very importantparameter of rigid PVC processing in a very large range of practical formulations without the need of recalibrating the method for each new additive and it will make it possible for the processor to optimise as well the product quality as the process itself.

The possibility for permanent monitoring opens the road for plastic pipes in new high sensible and demanding applications.

Therefore new applications are conquered by intelligent pipe structures and establish new markets.

In certain cases however, incold climates, for pressure or thin-walled pipes, high impact strength is essential.It is expected that more water utilities become aware of PVC-O.What is counter-intuitive about the product is that a reduction in wall thickness would provide a pipe that is tougher.Also this paper give a short overview about the new Developments that have been made for the plastic pipe market: short or long cameras, Water jet cleaning equipment, air balloons to stop a flow in a pipe or a chamber, robots to repair small diameter pipes from the inside With detail designing & planning among pipeline engineers & designers, excellent coordination/cooperation between pipe producers and field installers and perfect execution, the MTD pipeline was completed on time and went on line during fourth quarter 2003.It marked a paramount advancement for HDPE pipe and the completion of the largest PE100 project for smooth wall pressure pipe in North America – both in terms of continuous system length and pipe diameter.

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This opens new market opportunities for the industry, which can be realized through advertisements and public relations work by the leading end-user, in co-operation with other members of the value chain.

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