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But you should be sorry, too.” What really irks me the most about this whole mess is how everyone knew Weinstein was a sick pervert and sexual predator but still were very ready and willing to his money.

It seems cultural appropriation really does have a price. The agents and managers would tell them to keep it to themselves. That old saw ‘You’ll Never Work In This Town Again’ came crawling back to putrid life like a re-animated cadaver in a late-night zombie flick.” Rosenberg acknowledges that being a friend of Weinstein’s had benefits — and they were substantial. He got me seats on the 40-yard-line to the Super Bowl, when the Patriots were playing the Packers in New Orleans. At the same time, Mc Dowell is taunting a female cop standing nearby. This freaks out 82% of NFL writers over the age of 50 who prefer their QBs to have pasty, doughy arms devoid of ink. If you see him at the pool, you better walk to the shallow end, Mark Cuban. I anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen House members over harassment and secret settlements, and soon.But until recently, I did not know about the “shush fund” of Congress, a fund managed by the “Office of Compliance,” which itself was created following the 1995 enactment of the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA), the first law enacted by the first Republican House in four decades.Ironically, the CAA was a serious attempt to bring Congress under many labor laws from which it had previously exempted itself.Instead, they come out of a secret account maintained by the Office of Compliance.It is so secret, in fact, that taxpayers don’t even know they are funding it.

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