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Its population is estimated to be approximately 60,000.It is known as a twin city to Shelbyville, which in real life would be Eugene, Oregon.Kent State University always has something fun to do on campus, but sometimes it is fun to get off campus and try something new while get a break from school.Grab your friends because here are 7 fun things to check out in the Kent area. Spend the day in Downtown Kent If you have not already been to downtown Kent it is a must.At this point, the city's streets were literally paved with gold.But unfortunately, this economy collapsed when it was discovered that the Aquacar was prone to spontaneous explosion after 600 miles and/or knots.The town has never really recovered from this tragedy (the gold was reportedly shipped to the Sultan of Brunei to encase one of his many elephant herds), but some heavy industry remains in the town, including factories for Ah, Fudge!

It is one and a half times bigger than Alaska, with West Springfield the shape of Texas.It was also the site of two battles during the American Civil War.The surnames 'van Houten', 'Muntz' and 'Flanders', as well as the Lutheran denomination within the Springfield Presbylutheran church, may be indications that Springfield was a focus of Germanic immigration in the past.It is located near Shelbyville, Capital City, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook.For many years, the evidence was sufficiently contradictory that it could not be identified with a specific state; however, Matt Groening has come forward and admitted that it was based on Springfield, Oregon.

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  1. She smiled at me and her pretty face lit up like all heaven. Then, suddenly she stopped talking and a general silence fell over the throng. With misplaced arrogance, I told myself I was frightened of nobody.