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Since the building of this development, and a sharp decline in employment levels during the 1980s, Shard End has seen a marked increase in the problems typical of urban areas in large cities.All Saints Church (Anglican) is situated in Coneyford Road. It has the distinction of being the first Church of England church to be built and consecrated after the war, anywhere in the country. Shard End has its own community Centre on Packington Avenue, on the opposite side of the road to the Police Station. It is also a ward within the formal district of Hodge Hill.Shard End borders Castle Bromwich to the north and Kingshurst to the east which are situated in the northern part of the neighbouring Metropolitan Borough of Solihull.At one time, this station had the largest meeting room in the police sub division.There is a shopping area, crown post office and surgery on Shard End Crescent.Building of the estate started in the late 1940s and was added to in stages producing some variety in the housing.As usual, communal facilities lagged behind the building of the housing. As a result of the construction of the estate, plans for a new church were drawn up.

After the camp closed in 1972 they were placed upon the Yorkswood housing estate (Kendrick Avenue and nearby roads) in Shard End, built upon the site of the camp.On November 1, 1955, the Lord Bishop of Birmingham, Leonard Wilson, consecrated the church.This was followed by a visit by Queen Elizabeth II two days later.The duel did not take place and Thornton left the area soon after his second trial to travel to the USA.During World War I, much of the woodland between Shard End and Kingshurst had been cut down to help with the war effort.

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During World War II, this gravel pit was used to store and repair third-line tanks.

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