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Their living children are to be given £5 each when they "attain the ages" of 21 years.Henry is further granted £15 owed to his father Joseph by his brother John. Joseph Jr.'s daughter Mary is specifically mentioned and left a bed. Joseph HARRISON (c1738-1815) married Mary DALE (1740-1816) at Lythe on May 26, 1761.William purchased Lot 8, Concession 9, Toronto Gore Township, 100 acres, from John Beikie, first clerk of the Executive Council in the city of Toronto and the original Crown patent holder, on June 5, 1835 for £75.Though the purchase of the property was not made until 1835 the Harrison family had settled on this property in 1831, as proven by the fact that they were noted in this location by John Dixon in his letter of 1832. Patrick's Roman Catholic church, established in 1830 a short distance to the north, was a critical factor in the selection of this lot by William Harrison.- however there is no James Harrison on the 1735 recusant list).On May 3, 1738 Joseph Harrison, using the proxy of John Peirson of Egton, purchased present day High Whins Farm (then called Pearson's Farm) in Newton Mulgrave township for 225 (did Joseph Harrison use a proxy because he was Catholic and afraid that the land could be taken by the government given his illegal faith? In 1741 the burial of his daughter Dorothy was recorded in the parish register for St.Witnesses were Thomas MILBURN, George DALE and William GARBUTT. Joseph Harrison and Mary Dale are both listed as 25 years old (which would give them a birth year of 1742 if correct).Joseph is listed as a farmer resident in the township for 25 years (so essentially lived in the township for his entire life).

(This is one more than the "seven" noted in Joseph Harrison's will of 1780 so one additional child was born between February 18, 1780 when the will was written and September 1780 when the recusant list was dated).

Interestingly William Porter in his mss History of Claireville, written in 1910, stated that "a half mile north" of John Dark's tavern in Claireville where "one Joseph Champlin kept his hostelry in good old Yorkshire Style" the settlement was named Egton.

Egton would be located at the corner of present day Clarkway Drive and Highway 50 in the present day City of Brampton.

Jane HODGSON died in April 1743 as recorded in the Whitby Anglican Parish Register as the wife of Joseph HARRISON, husbandman, Whitby. will dated February 18, 1780, and passed almost exactly one year later on April 7, 1781 lists his three children; as well as his son Henry's "four children"; his son Joseph's "seven children" and his daughter Elizabeth GARBUT; as well as his brother John.

The following bequests are granted: Both Henry and Joseph are given the farms they currently occupied in in the township of Newton Mulgrave.

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