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But for viewers who cannot face adult issues, there’s the red button on the corner of the remote marked off.

Season six, due next year, will be the final season of the FX drama.

I am, however I confess, a hardline supporter of showing the gruntier side of history.

Sex, and our endless yearning for it, is one of the truly authentic things we have in common with our ancestors. Behind almost all snoozy tales of treaties, grudges and military might, I realised during my A-levels, are more fascinating tales of whoring and infidelity.

Where to watch: i Tunes, Amazon Video Best episodes: "Amber Waves," "Darkroom," "The Soviet Division" 14.

Superstore "Superstore" stars Ben Feldman as Jonah and America Ferrera as Amy.

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Similarly, if you are reading the furore about BBC2’s Versailles and have decided it will be too much for your frail sensibilities and yet, despite this, may still in 10 weeks’ time find your TV tuned to it, then I am unsure how we can shield and protect you as a viewer.

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  1. Just my opinion of course (and we know we all have them) however, from what I've read from the posts and bios in here, one of the major reasons people are in POF is because they are sooooo tired of this whole scene. Apologies for sounding soooo opinionated on this, but my jaw dropped when I read those suggestions.