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I was a bit kooky, a bit bonkers, I said what I thought, I did silly stuff and nobody tried to curtail it, and they also gave me the time to grow on people as well.’Other Brits have tried but failed to break American television because of their voices – Cheryl Cole, for example, was told her Geordie accent was just too strange for the US X Factor – but Deeley says that her West Midlands sound goes down well. Gl-a-ss, p-a-ss – all that works really well.’She is gorgeous, but American showbiz has its own ideas of beauty, so did anyone ever tell her to get a facelift or fix her nose or anything like that? But I think that’s also because I’d reached a certain point in my career, and I was a certain age too. The first time I went to the Emmy awards they got me diamonds and a Valentino gown.

and is reported to be earning million a year, although she laughs at that. She listens and laughs a lot with the gift of immediate intimacy that has made her such a success on screen, chatting away and messing about with contestants or superstars alike.They co-ordinate their diaries so that one is always with their son if the other is away, so is Paddy home alone with the baby right now? I take him to sensory classes on Monday, he does gym on Tuesday, Wednesday he’s swimming, Thursday is gym, and Friday is swimming.’Is Milo going to be brought up as an American? But how do you stop your son being spoiled by all that?‘No, there’s a nanny too, because sometimes we need cover. ‘He’ll probably have an American accent because he mixes with American kids. ‘We’re like any new parents who are just trying to figure it out.‘I am nervous,’ admits everybody’s favourite glamorous girl next door, Cat Deeley. It’s about finding people who do incredible things with their voices, things that you and I couldn’t do.‘I know what I’m doing these days, so I’m not nervous about presenting a new show, but I want it to go down well. So obviously there is a bit of trepidation.’Ant and Dec’s old sparring partner from the anarchic Saturday morning kids show SM: TV is about to return to British television for the first time in more than a decade, having been away in America making a huge success of herself since 2006. In Monopoly money.’Deeley has flown in from Los Angeles to present a new series for Sky called Sing: Ultimate A Cappella, in which singing groups battle it out for the chance to make an album and a Christmas single. I had a go at beatboxing last night and it’s so hard.’I ask her to try again but she laughs, says no and shakes her long, bronze mane.

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