Are jennette mccurdy and nathan kress dating

They love each other, like siblings love each other, but they're not .

Getting ready to head back to Colorado after a whirlwind of a weekend to celebrate these two love birds! ❤️ #Say Yes To The Kress A post shared by Hannah Larson (@hannahlarson42) on stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette Mc Curdy and Jerry Trainor all attended.

🐥🐥 So honored to have been a part of their special day and a witness to their beautiful love. “Riding together to see our baby boy @nathankress get married,” Mc Curdy wrote on Instagram on Sunday, sharing a car selfie with Cosgrove and Trainor – all dressed in their wedding finery.

Both Jennette and Nathan have denied any romantic connection between each other and have stated they see each other like friends or even siblings.


The bride wore a sleeveless white ballgown with a stunning mesh veil, and Kress donned a gray tweed suit.

Not only physically but, you know, mentally and emotionally. Go off on her and he’d flip out, but as the seasons kind of progressed it would just become more of an eye roll and he would just let it roll off as back, or he’d be able to come up with some kind of, you know, snide remark right back at her. And I see where they’re coming from, because Sam is still a very rough around the edges character even when she’s in love with Freddie, you know…

Eventually, Sam and Freddie did get together, for a little arc of episodes, which was definitely an interesting experience to hear the fan reaction from that. There’s always that battle between the people who want Sam and Freddie to get together and people who want Carly and Freddie to get together, and I’m pretty sure the Seddie fans…” *As to Seddie vs.

Sometimes, two characters of the opposite sex are very close—so close that you might expect them to be dating. They admit that they matter a great deal to each other, that they would die for each other, that they can't imagine life without each other. No matter how other people view them, they can't see each other in that light.

The couple are at pains to explain that their love is completely platonic with no sexual attraction on either side.

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If you can imagine the same-sex versions of the characters being Heterosexual Life-Partners, then they belong under Platonic Life Partners.

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