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Potential preventive interventions span a variety of psychological and pharmacological domains.

These interventions have been used both separately and in combination with one another.

Incomplete memory consolidation may cause an individual to retain a limited amount of information about the event and/or may make the memory less accessible.

The ability to access full or complete trauma-related memories is a core feature of several psychological theories of PTSD prevention and/or treatment.

An individual exposed to a traumatic event tries to make sense of the experience but has difficulty fully integrating it into his/her existing schema.If you encounter prohibited offensive or illegal online content inadvertently, or suspect that content may be prohibited or illegal, make a report to the e Safety Hotline via the Office’s online content complaints web form. On July 27, 2012, September 26, 2012, and November 8, 2012, several amendments were made to this protocol.One of these theories suggests that when trauma-related memories are not properly integrated into memory, individuals may re-experience symptoms of PTSD.In extreme threat situations, strong affect can result in dissociation and prevent trauma-related information from being fully consolidated within memory.

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Stress hormones released during exposure to a traumatic event have also been implicated in the development of PTSD.

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