Gridview rowupdating dataitem null

Above code will be used when user hits on Master Grid Edit button.

So In the Template Column child grid with edit and delete option will get visible.

The basic idea behind this article is to workout with ASP. Though I had faced lot of difficulties in this but still I can say it is far better then ASP. Grid View control gives you Edit, Update, Delete, Sorting, Selection and Paging facility built in.

I'll post the full source code at the end of the series. One of the most needed improvements is the ability to edit multiple rows at once.What we have done here is make sure that every row which gets created has a rowstate of Edit, meaning it's editable. This way you get a nice dropdown of control ids in the Properties Window.Since the row is now editable, the columns that are NOT read-only will show up as textboxes (for boundfields) or what ever their Edit Item Template is. It's just nice "fit and finish" that makes our control that much more developer friendly.But the childgrid will not be bind to any data source if you don't bind it to in Row Command event. When you press Update Command it will call Row Command with Command Argument as "Update". And after it will call the Row Updating event of the Child Grid.

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But this functionality is some what different in Grid View Control. I mean to say that in Grid View Control if you have added one template column having Grid View inside it and now if you select "Column Sorting" command then it will not call any event of Master grid.

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