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A common theme of the different Arab uprisings in 2011 was social justice.

Citizens of Arab countries were reacting against a patronage system—in which favors are accorded to some at the expense of all in exchange for loyalty—a system that has long existed in much of the Arab world.

Arab countries need to focus on creating strong national identities that can trump all other allegiances.

The Arab world’s cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity should be regarded as a strength rather than a weakness.

In February 2016, the Horizons project released These experts overwhelmingly prioritized local political challenges (authoritarianism, corruption, and the lack of accountability) over geopolitical ones (regional conflict, sectarian rivalries, and foreign intervention), which many saw as derivative of long-standing fundamental failures in governance.

Pervasive socioeconomic deficiencies, polarization, and repression have resulted, leading to unprecedented state disintegration, particularly in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

These forces are in turn fueling massive human displacement and geopolitical power plays.

We welcome thoughtful critiques of the analysis, so they may be reflected in future Arab World Horizons publications.

Long-standing pillars of the Arab order—authoritarian bargains and hydrocarbon rents—are collapsing as political institutions struggle with the rising demands of growing populations.

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Third, the freedom to be different must be legally protected.

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