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And pay attention if someone says, "They wouldn't say anything.

I was a great boyfriend." And be prepared to give your own answer.

And it's not like you're trying to make them uncomfortable, but you want to stop the music for a moment and make sure that they're looking at you in a particular way. You don't want to go into too much detail but I would listen to see if you hear, "Oh, it was mutual." I think that's BS. Somebody has to pull the trigger, even if both people are unhappy.

And the people who can do that and want to do that, I think that would give you a real clue if this is someone to pursue. I would really listen to how somebody answers that question.

At any point during the first few four or five dates, you shouldn't be disclosing the most painful baggage.

Be careful about the stuff that you share about family.

I know you may have never thought about working with a dating coach, I dare you to step inside and see how many dates you can get this weekend.

“Having been in the industry for 20 years I truly didn’t think a woman could help a man’s needs to pursue his lifestyle of being a better man and having the skills to attract and date women.

The thinking behind the questions—ranging from mild to moderately-probing questions about life and death and relationships—is that opening up to someone about these topics introduces vulnerability and openness, and mutual vulnerability inspires intimacy (yada, yada, yada).

Turns out, guys are intimidated by the prospect of going out with someone who knows everything about dating.

So when clients ask her for tips to navigate the holiday season, she speaks from experience.

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Being single during the holiday season can be downright frustrating.

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And that's a subtle way of saying, "I want something serious. MO: I would say that this a third date type of question. Are they answering that question openly and honestly? "Of all your past exes and people you've dated, what is the thing they complain the most about you?

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